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Static Inheritance

There have been great strides in the javascript user community of morphing the language to be more structured and accomodate for more Object oriented design patterns. One of the most widely used and well understood pattern is inheritance. The idea of a "child"(sub) inheriting properties from its "parent"(super) and in some cases over ruling some properties for its own benefit but majorily relying on what it has inherited from its parent class.

Prototype's inheritance

Prototype is a wonderful javascript library that I have based a lot of my web application development on and without a doubt has saved me an inordinate amount of time, totally recommend it to all web developers building rich applications. It handles inheritance a multitude of ways and if you would like to read more about how to build classes using it view the javascript class entry.

Back on course with the topic, Prototype uses Object.extend to allow for one object to "inherit" properties from another object. Using this we can "extend" an object from another. This is but javascript doesn't support anyform of visibility scope operator(public, protected, private) such that a subclass will override all methods from its super class such that when you call the initialize function it instantiates none of the super's properties.

Use New to Initialize

Justin Palmer writes a very interesting article about how to handle some of those issues by extending the class from a new instantiation of the super. This works great as long as you don't have to work with the DOM all. He brings this point up in the blog and plays around with other examples of how and when this would fail.

A Solution to Last the Generations

I keep hearing the term "Syntactic sugar".. if you're looking for sweets im sorry to say i have no such sugar. Although I do provide a solution to maintain the super's functionality in sub classes and their sub classes. The idea is that you can statically leverage the super's respective function and apply the current object to it.


var Super = Class.create();
var Sub = Class.create();

                    name : "Super",
                    initialize : function(param){
                    inheritance : function(){
               += " inheritance is great";
Object.extend(Object.extend(Sub.prototype, Super.prototype),
                name : "Sub",
                initialize : function(obj){
                    this.obj = $(obj);                            
                    Event.observe(this.obj, "click", this.inheritance.bindAsEventListener(this));                                    
                inheritance : function(){
                    Super.prototype.inheritance.apply(this, arguments);

It isn't the prettiest way to inherit the functionality but it beats the alternative of having to re-write the code. Meaning that when the Super's inheritance function changes, the sub won't have to be updated. It doesn't get Dean his "super" operator but its not bad. Anyways have a good one!


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