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Google Gears, Detect your Network

To demo the code that supports network detection, try enabling the "Work Offline" option in your browser. Note the "online" icon to the right.

Last March I attended the SysCon Ajax World event in New York City. One of the biggest questions about RIAs was the idea of maintaining data persistance and synchronization in an offline environment. In a completely webbed out world, no one really had an answer.

I remember hearing talk about Google Gears but no one really had implemented anything. It was a great idea but still very much a mystery. Since then quite a few company's have integrated Gears, such as Zoho and Remember the Milk.

Where's my Network!?

Step one in a Gears enabled application, detect that network! I've looked through the LocalServer, Database and Workerpool classes and that is all well and good. but the concept of offline work is something that is to be grasped before implemented.

To State or not to State

There are two fundamental approaches to a Gears enabled applications, modal and modeless. One is being that you provide your service seemless regardless of network status. This is where the decoupling really comes in handy. The other approach is to develop an offline state which has certain aspects of the application disabled because it just can't be cached or safely synchronized.

The richness of the application plays a big role in this decision. If you have a feed reader application you can probably get away with just serving locally stashed feed data. If you've got an application mashup with a Google Map, you'll probably opt for limiting that feature.

Regardless of your approach your application must be aware of its network status.

NetworkDetection to the Rescue

I saw the dojo's implementation of an "offline widget" and although I thought they did a great job, i've got to write it for prototype. And while I'm at it why not try to make it better.

I've been a big fan of the EventDispatcher class and its worked its way into quite a few of my implementations. It allows for the Hollywood Principle, AKA the Observer pattern. This allows for incredible decoupling and ultimately very reusable code.

The operation that is taking place to detect network is polling the url given in the constructor, if it fails or causes an exception to being offline it dispatches the offline event. When it regains network connection it dispatches the online event. The url the constructor is given should be simple and have no application logic. I would also highly advise not extending the class in any means of containing further application logic, rather use an instantiation and listen to its events or use the getStatus method.

voidinitialize(url, options)
voidstartTimer() -- This method kicks off the timer such that it will begin its polling
voidstopTimer() -- This method clears the timer, stops the class's polling
String getStatus -- gets the current status of the network connection. online or offline
  online -- this event is fired when the instance regains network connection
  offline -- this event is fired when the instance loses network connection.
  request -- Inherited from Ajax.Service.Base
  response -- Inherited from Ajax.Service.Base

The Code

I've linked the library file, the code below is the required code to implement. You'll also need to create the "blank.php" file as it needs to be something the XHR can get a valid response from when online.

var netCheck = new NetworkDetection("blank.php");

netCheck.addEventListener("online", function(eAja){
                                        $("display").innerHTML = "online";
netCheck.addEventListener("offline", function(eAja){
                                            $("display").innerHTML = "offline";



November 06, 2007Gabriele

Very nice work!?! Just what I was looking for...Is it possible to append the network detection to every ajax request or update (with prototype)?thanks Gabriele

January 19, 2008MaFer

Hi.. we were trying with your code, but it doesnt't work for us. We include the prototype.js and the NetworkDetection.js, but we obtain the following error message: NetworkDetection is not a constructor and NetworkDetection class isn't recognize.. can you help us?

February 03, 2008dfalck

Matthew, thanks again for the example code. I really think your solution is very elegant and I spoke with Dion about it (see link). In fact, it sparked a lot of discussions in the Gears group. Great work.

March 27, 2008Balaji

Hi,can you please provide all files of this sample application.

June 28, 2008saparvaiz

i want to know the online status

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Google Gears is an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline. Gears provides three key features: * A local server, to cache and serve application resources (HTML, JavaScript, images, etc.) without needing to contact a server * A database, to store and access data from within the browser * A worker thread pool, to make web applications more responsive by performing expensive operations in the background

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January 29, 2009Neil

Gears, formerly Google Gears, is software offered by Google that "enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web browser." Released under the BSD license, Gears is free and open source software.

February 01, 2009Goji business

There are a number of web applications that use Gears. These applications come from a variety of companies, including Google (Gmail, YouTube, Docs, Reader, Picasa for mobile), MySpace (Mail Search), Zoho (Writer, Mail), Remember The Milk, and Buxfer. WordPress 2.6 added support for Gears, to speed up the administrative interface and reduce server hits.

June 04, 2009Gochi Juice

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July 05, 2009Henry

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