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Custom Search, in your iGoogle

Embrace your need for proprietary results, an easily customizable gadget makes it easier than ever before.

Google Gadget gets Prototyped

An implementation of three fantastic frameworks, first being the Google Gadget technology. A method of encapsulating web based UI Components and data services. Then Google Ajax Web Search, the main data service in the gadget. The glue to bring everything together being prototype.js. Javascript classes to help behavior encapsulation and an easy to use event architecture allows for savvy prototype developers to easily extend functionality.

Use this gadget to search any site or harness any custom search engine. Customize the gadget's settings to show only results from a specific site or CSE of your choice.

Add to your iGoogle

Customize your Gadget

When I first thought of the idea for this gadget my inclination was for supreme proprietary results, having my CSE key hard coded into the gadget for all to relish in my blog entries. I then came to my senses and figured if it had a chance it needs to be flexible. Although I do think a hardcoded key does have value for those wishing to repurpose the gadget for their own uses. It would be a decent market pitch, "Download our Search Gadget and stay up to date" or whatever those marketeers want to say. Another alternative use for this gadget would be turning a tab of your iGoogle into a webtop of search gadgets that you could queue up your common listings and have them available for easy access.

Looking for Code?

  • The Demo A page devoted to just rendering the gadget
  • All Javascript This is the file the gadget uses to reference all custom javascript necessary.
  • Google Gadget API documentation for building your own Google Gadget or customizing this one.
  • Google AJAX Search API documentation for accessing Google search results via their javascript libraries.
  • Google Custom Search Engine a service provided by Google to deliver proprietary search results.

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