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I have built a resource that I believe will assist prototype developers tremendously. The resource is a Google Custom Search engine that embodies many of the core developer's websites as well as a few other online resources that were well focused on the subject of prototype.

A Gadget to Boot

To accompany this new resource is a very handy interface to access it. I had developed a Gadget to harness a CSE a few weeks ago, applying this new CSE was a snap and dressing it up didn't take long either. This Gadget can be used almost anywhere as its syndication ready.

A Demo below

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So who's on the list?

Here is the list of URLs that were used in the original creation as of November 16th 2007.


If you're interested in getting your URL submitted or are looking to volunteer as a contributor please get in touch!

Another new Prototype resource

On another note, but completely related, another community member has released a fantastic online application to categorize many prototype components into a tag based interface, if the search engine comes up short, you've got to visit Scripteka.

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