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Class Reference for the MultiCalendar Package

The three classes that extend from prototype and my calendar/grid package are MultiCalendarBase, MultiCalendar and MultiCalendarChooser.


Provides an abstract class for the creation and management of the UI component. Methods to move the scrolling container, construction of property references based on a specific HTML microformat. A notable method in this class is the createCalendar method, if you wanted to customize how each calendar functions this would be the method to overwrite.


This extends its base counterpart to implement a concrete, including more methods to handle "previous" and "next" events. Also handles logic on auto calendar creation as user approaches an "edge" to the viewing area, this only occurs when the user triggers the next and previous, not on scrolling of the container.


Handles association with a pair of input objects which are new to the microformat of the MultiCalendarBase class. This class also manages calendar subobjects to apply style to objects in the past or future as the user clicks a specific "start" or "end" date. A new event is also introduced in this class. The change event propogates an array of two indicies, the first being the start and the last being the end date of the date range the user selected, a handy one to subscribe to for ajax requests!

More documentation to come Jan/3/08.

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