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Date Range Selection Gadget

This Google Gadget provides an accessible interface for Google Calendar data. Select a start and finish date to display events that fall within the range. Details on how to customize the gadget to display your calendar data can be found below.

The Demo

Select a date range from the calendars above by clicking on a start and end date.
Add to your iGoogle

The demo is currently using my test calendar url, but once you get yours integrated with iGoogle you can customize it to display any calendar feed available.

How can I get this to display my calendar events in iGoogle?

First thing is first, click the "+ Google" button above to immediately get things started. Now we need to tailor your gadget, you'll need to find the calendar's URL you wish to display. Open up Google Calendar, on the left column you'll see towards the bottom, "My Calendars". Each of your available calendars should be listed here, click the down arrow option next to the calendar you wish to use. This will open up the option for "Calendar Settings". This is where you want to be. Once in the Calendar Settings menu, look towards the bottom of the page, you'll see "Calendar Address", here is your golden ticket, click the button labeled "XML" and copy the address that pops up. Once that is on your clip board lets go back to the iGoogle page. Find the gadget on the page and click the down arrow in the gadget's title bar. This will open a menu to "Edit Settings" Click edit settings and a text input should appear, paste the URL you selected from your Calendar menu and hit save. Now the gadget should be retrieving events from your calendar.

Useful Links

  • Date Selection, learn about how the date selection component is created and managed
  • Google Calendar, get on board with Google Calendar before you can make use of this gadget.
  • Google Gadgets, the technology which provides the platform for this and many other gadgets.
  • Prototypejs, the framework in which this and all of my gadgets are built with, support the cause.


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