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ActionScript Ajax Request

AjaxRequest, A wrapper class to bring URLLoader and URLRequest together for convienence of implementation.


Coming from a Javascript background I had to search for an analogous class to the XHR/Ajax.Request. In the end I didn't find such an implementation but by combining the functionality of URLLoader and URLRequest it allows for very similar behavior.

The Rundown

AjaxRequest inherits from URLLoader and uses an instance of URLRequest. URLLoader handles all of the events of the transaction, so this acts as the primary class which uses an instance of URLRequest to ease the implementation of redundancies. Using getter method allowed me to direct the property settings to the internal URLRequest object. AjaxRequest also exposes a send method, similar to XHR's send method, it accepts a payload of data that related to

The Code


December 30, 2008savaƟ oyunu

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June 16, 2014lindanne

A lot of comments the article really honest and forthright! This certainly got me thinking a lot about this issue. Thank you!

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