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Site Translation Made Easy

The need for translated content is everywhere. It's hard to grasp but you can see it if you know where to look. It shows up in your "Bounce Report", it shows up in your bottom line. The audience of any website is international, content online is inherently international.

It is this unseen stream of international traffic that most site administrators/business owners fail to realize. Granted, 90% of your traffic is from the U.S. is that to say that the rest of the world is only worth 10% of your interest? Absolutely not, this is telling you that there is a huge potential for growth within the international community.

Trying to appeal to this massive market that you have yet to even speak to is very daunting. Typical approaches are to hire a staff of translators. Pay these translators full time to translate a massive amount of content. Host this content in parallel with your current site, rework navigation to ensure the user stays on the translated 'subsite'. Then the nail in the coffin is maintenance, each time content gets changed on the primary site, you must disseminate these changes to each translated version.

Pure Client Side Solution

My alternative, which you might notice already running on this site. Is to use Google's AJAX Translate API to deliver content to a user in their native language. By using Google's Javascript API, your webserver never sees any additional load. The work of translation goes directly from the client to the Google servers and back to the client to update content with translation. It does all of this asynchronously such that the page never reloads and elements are never actually modified, such that any JS event handlers aren't disrupted and any other proprietary attributes etc will not be manipulated in anyway. This way the DOM is perfectly maintained save the text that has been translated.

If you find that javascript is not your cup of tea, or you just can't put the pieces together right on your own site. Get in touch for installation services and I can ensure its done right and will maximize efficiency for the fastest translations possible.


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